A Love Story


Josh and Mary-Anne started dating their sophomore year of college at Boston University. If you ask them individually, Mary-Anne and Josh have slightly different stories of how they first met, however, they are both very clear on exactly when they fell in love. 

According to Josh, the first time he set eyes on Mary-Anne she was dancing alone on top of a hay bale, spilling jungle juice all over her denim mini dress. Hero that he was, he grabbed a roll of paper towels and, using his brute strength, parted the sea of party-goers in his way and appeared calmly by her side in order to offer his assistance. (which was fortuitous as Mary-Anne immediately stumbled off of the hay bale and Josh was there, ready to catch her). 

Mary-Anne also remembers that she was dancing alone on a hay bale (in an attempt to avoid dancing on the main floor which was ripe with overly "friendly" frat boys), however, according to her, a handsome and very drunk Josh bumped into said hay bale sending her drink (and almost herself) crashing to the floor. Thankfully, Josh was pretty quick and caught her mid-fall. Either way, when Mary-Anne looked up from his arms into his eyes ... BAM. They knew instantly that they were in love. 

Mary-Anne and Josh dated throughout the rest of their time at college and got engaged quickly after graduating. Josh got into Law school at Northwestern and Mary-Anne was happy to move back to the midwest. The summer after his second year of law school, Mary-Anne and Josh got married in a beautiful apple orchard near Mary-Anne's childhood home in Woodbury, Minnesota surrounded by their family and friends. There was never a couple so perfectly suited for one another. 

After finishing law school, Josh found it harder than he imagined to get a job as a lawyer. They stayed in Chicago and he started working as an assistant. Mary-Anne, wanting to further explore her talents as an artist, started shadowing a comic artist at the Chicago Tribune. They also started to try to have a baby. 

It wasn't until they had been trying for about a year that the two started worrying that there may be a problem. Mary-Anne became increasingly panicked and depressed and by the time they hit the year and a half point, was very much ready to leave Chicago. She felt like a fresh start would make all the difference. 

This brought them to California where "My Baby is a Bike Helmet" takes place. At this point, they have been in California for over six months and have just passed the two year mark on trying to get pregnant. Mary-Anne is a waitress at 31 Jams, their neighborhood boutique restaurant, and Josh is working as an assistant at one of the city's top law firms, hoping to quickly work his way into his own law office soon.