The brainchild of the uber-talented Chef Stacey Sortier,

31 Jams has been a Central California staple for the past 5 years. The quirky, petite french boutique known for it's array of house made jellies and jams is co-owned by power couple Dr. Susan and Mrs. Ruth Nelson. The story of how 31 JAMS came to be is, unusual, to say the least but is one that Chef Stacey and the ladies love to recount any chance they get.

The 31 JAMS Staff



(Julia Lehman)

Mary-Anne is the newest addition to the 31 JAMS staff. She is a good waitress but lacks the patience and drive to deal with the job and all that it entails. She wants nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom.



(Kelly Walker) 

An aspiring clairvoyant, Roxanne is a big believer of "the universe" and lives her life in accordance to the messages it sends her way (although she has a tendency to misinterpret them).



(Barrett James)

An aging playboy who still attempts to use his boyish charm even though he's moved past his prime. Although he has narcissistic tendencies, hidden deep down he is actually a loving, caring guy just trying to do the best he can.



(Susanna Buckley)

General Manager extraordinaire, Jean loves her job and takes every element of it very seriously. A high level sommelier, Jean uses her vast wine knowledge as a template to map out the intricacies of Chef Stacy's jams.

Chef Stacey


(Paul Williams)

Head Chef and Gelatator (Jam Maker),

Chef Stacey is the culinary genius behind 31 JAMS.

The Nelsons


(Ursula Taherian & Roxanna Dunlop)

31 JAMS co-owners, Dr. Nelson, a Central California renowned psychiatrist and Mrs. Nelson, a ball-busting lawyer, are a power couple that ooze wealth, status, and success. What they lack in socially appropriate behavior they make up for with gold (literally).


The Story of 31 JAMS

Chef Stacey was working as the Sous Chef at Artemis Hughes' spectacularly successful Revise. Although originally hired as Mr. Hughes' right hand, Chef Stacey quickly began receiving recognition for his exquisite fromage and charcuterie boards - more specifically the hand crafted compotes that accompanied them. Word spread, and, as his flavor profiles deviated from unusual to unheard of, his popularity grew.

Positive reviews were pouring in, yet, Chef Stacey found himself feeling stifled and frustrated. He made it his mission to satisfy every guest but there was one couple that never left without airing a complaint. After one especially negative criticism, Chef Stacey lost his patience.  He stormed out to the dining room and berated the ladies to the point of tears (his). The Nelsons were so impressed by his culinary knowledge, conviction, and bite (pun intended) they offered to finance his dream restaurant and thus, 31 JAMS was born.